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Adolescent and Adult Services

Child Development Centre – Ability Hub (3rd floor) 3820-24th Avenue NW Calgary AB T3B2X9


Pursuits and Recruits Now Accepting Applicants for Summer 2017!!

Get ready for work through Employment Preparation!!

Where: The Ability Hub, 3820 24 Ave NW

When: Tuesdays to Fridays, July 11-28 9:30am -12:00pm

Cost: $350

This course will prepare you to get a job!

– Practice interviews!

– Create a resume!

– Develop work related social skills!

Please see the Adolescent and Adult tab for full program details.


Download the Application form below and submit it by Friday, June 23 at 4:00 pm

Please contact Preeti Saini at Preeti.saini@theabilityhub.org  403-210-5000 ext. 2022 if you have any questions.



Employment Preparation Program

This program covers the following topics:

  • Knowing Yourself
  • Job Searches, Applications, Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Disclosure and Self Advocacy
  • Interview Preparation and Videotaped Mock Interviews
  • Starting a New Job
  • Managing Workplace Demands
  • Social Expectations
  • Co-Worker Relationships

This program is run in a group learning environment, and includes role playing, interactive discussions and following PowerPoint slides.  Participants will be asked to dress in business attire for their mock interviews.  In addition, participants will be given “homework” each week, either a short worksheet or anything they did not complete during class time.  It is important that the individual themselves be responsible for this work; parents may assist but we ask that they do not do the task for them.  Part of the rationale of sending work home is to encourage accountability, time management skills and dependability.

Parents/caregivers will receive e-mail updates on weeks 2, 4, 8 and 10; the program runs for 12 weeks.  A Session Summary that includes all of the strategies and recommendations from the program will be mailed out in the month following the session end.

Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 14 years and older as of the program start date
  • Have and are aware of their ASD diagnosis
  • Self motivated to attain employment; eager to take a position if offered
  • Learn in a group environment
  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to read at a grade 5 level, print/type or have a scribe
  • Possess social skills appropriate for group learning
  • Willing to dedicate time beyond program hours
  • Committed to attend scheduled treatment dates
  • Provide documentation guardianship status

Cost: $350

For further information please call 403.210.5000 for Treena Gower Foster, Program Manager gowert@sta-ab.com, or Nastaran Safari, Program Supervisor, at safarin@sta-ab.com



Adolescent and adult services are comprised of two separate collections of programs, Pursuits and Recruits. All programming is empirically based, individualized, and placement is determined by the participant’s motivation, current level of functioning, and program need. Depending on the program and the skill set of the participant, the staffing model ranges from a one-to-one ratio to teaching in a group learning format.

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Pursuits Program


Pursuits programs focus on increasing personal independence, developing early vocational and job skills, and preparation for the post secondary environment. Most of the programs are hosted on site at The Ability Hub, 3rd floor, Child Development Centre, 3820-24 Ave NW.




Recruits Program


Recruits programs are designed to provide individuals with supported work experience at a variety of community locations. Participants are given the same training as entry level employees, and develop both job specific skills and the more “hidden agenda” of social expectations in an employment setting. To be eligible for any of these community placements, the individual must have attended and completed at least one Pursuits program previously.






Please complete our Application Form and submit it at the To Apply section below.

Please download the application below, if you are a parent and going to apply for your kids.

Core Skills Questionnaire Nov 2015 online version – parent guardian.doc




For adults, please download the application below:

Core Skills Questionnaire – Own Guardian Nov 2015 online version.doc




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