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Early Intervention Program

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Combined Specialized Services and Program Unit Funding (PUF) Program


Offers an individualized program for children 2.5 to 6 years of age, who are approved for both Specialized Services funding (via Family Supports for Children with Disabilities) and Program Unit Funding (via Alberta Education). Individualized programming is provided in the child’s home, community (e.g., outings, recreation programs, preschools, Kindergarten) and within a specialized classroom environment onsite at STA; with focus on the individual learning needs of the children and their families. This Program runs twelve months a year, 30 hours per week.


Specialized Services ONLY Program


Offers individualized programs for children less than 3 years who are approved for Specialized Services funding via Family Support for Children with Disabilities and do not qualify (due to their age) for a PUF program. Individualized Programming is provided in the child’s home, and community. Hours are based on the individualized need of the child and family.







Admission to the Early Intervention Program (Combined Specialized Services and PUF Program or Specialized Services Only Program)


•    Discuss the needs of your child and family with your Family Supports for Children with Disabilities worker
•    Complete our Application Form and submit all requested documentation, as outlined in the application form





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